Welcome to Discovery Fleet

Come aboard and let Discovery Fleet take you to two of the world’s most exciting diving destinations in the Philippines.

Our two ships, the Discovery Adventure & Discovery Palawan travel to Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park from late March to mid-June.

The Discovery Palawan remains in the Philippines and guests can explore the lush reefs and encounter mega fauna such as thresher sharks, mantas and whale sharks on our Cebu – Malapascua – Visayas voyages from October to December.


Apo Reef Natural Park is the second biggest contiguous reef in the world that includes two atolls with internal lagoons while Coron is known for its 12 mostly Japanese 70 year old shipwrecks from World War II.


Crown Jewel of Philippine diving and is the only Asian UNESCO world heritage site that is marine in nature.


Visit the best of the region - Malapascua for its thresher sharks and manta rays, Gato Island for its attractive macro life, Pescador Island for its beautiful reefs and walls, Moal Boal for its sardine run, Apo Island for its turtles and reefs, Oslob for its whale sharks.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

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