Comprised of several thousand islands and surrounded by nutrient-rich waters, it’s not a surprise that the Visayas region is home to the majority of the wonderful sites in the Philippines.

We handpicked the best dive sites to come up with an exciting trip that features a wide variety of marine fauna including beautiful reefs, sea fan adorned walls, manta rays, thresher sharks, whale sharks, and amazing macro life. Here are the highlights of the trip:

We will head out to the beautiful Kalanggaman for the first dive which will serve as a check out dive before exploring its captivating walls and reefs. You will have an opportunity to relax on the beach and enjoy the idyllic island vibe. After the second dive, our ship will go to Monad Shoal in Malapascua for a nice afternoon dive at the manta cleaning station. There will be two morning dives at Monad Shoal where you are likely to encounter thresher sharks then we’ll go to Gato Island for an afternoon and night dive.

Feel the adrenaline rush as we go through a 30-meter long tunnel cuts through the small island at a depth of only 12 meters. You will need a torch to light up your way and be delighted as you witness the walls come alive with a variety of sponges, crustaceans, and vibrant Tubastrea coral which showcases its yellow beauty at night.

Outside the tunnel, you can spot bommies in lovely pastel shades of yellow and orange soft corals. Get a chance to feast your eyes on stunning nudibranchs including the Spanish dancer which resembles the swirl of a Flamenco dancer’s red skirt.


Pescador, a small and ellipse-shaped island nestled in the municipality of Moalboal, is noted for its fringing reefs, drop-off and a plethora of marine life.

Upon reaching 4 to 10 meters, witness the grandeur of a sloping reef covered with both hard and soft corals. The drop off and walls overgrown with sponge reaches down to about 55 meters and feature numerous cracks and crevices worth exploring. You’ll be delighted by the glorious sea fans and colorful soft corals that embellish the walls where sponges with camouflaged frogfish wait to ambush their prey.

We will move closer to the mainland, near the town of Moalboal in the afternoon so that you can experience the thrill of finning through the Philippines’ form of a sardine run.


Oslob used to be a tranquil and poor coastal town in the province of Cebu but it quickly became famous from the regular visits of whale sharks, locally referred to as the “butanding”.

Once hunted for their meat, the whale shark has become Oslob’s tourism champion because their presence provides sustainable income for many families in the municipality.

Many tourists visit Oslob to experience the thrill of snorkeling or diving with the biggest fish in the sea. These gentle, majestic creatures allow the residents to have a steady income as guides, boatmen, and other work.

Not frequently visited by divers, Cabilao has maintained its pristine and untouched underwater realm. Here you’ll find corals that seem to be more prolific and healthier than other popular dive sites in the region of Visayas. Some of the rich marine life that you can encounter in these waters are pygmy seahorses attached on colorful sea fans and sea moths crawling on the sandy bottom.

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