We will be happy to conform to customized itineraries. Our ship M/Y Discovery Palawan can accommodate up to 38 people and is equipped with chase boats, kayaks and other water toys, and beach furniture for your shore activities.

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Relief work

Our ships can be used for relief work and related services. We can bring relief goods, equipment, and key groups like medical professionals, support teams, clean-up crews, construction personnel, and others to relief operation areas in the country.

Video/TV shoots

Are you working on a video, planning a photo shoot, or organizing a marine event? Your staff and crew can have a relaxing stay in our cabins for your production. We have communal spaces where you can conduct group activities and discussions. With spacious outdoor decks, maneuvering your equipment in our ship will not be a problem.


We can organize an exclusive charter for your research and development group. Our ships are ideal for long-range expeditions such as conservation projects.

Off-site projects

Our charters can also cater to off-site project visits for NGO's by transporting people, cargo, equipment, and supplies.

If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us.

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