Why go on a liveaboard vacation

If you’re passionate about diving, going on a single dive may keep you hanging and longing for more. So if you’re searching for a satisfying scuba diving Philippines experience, liveaboard is the way to go. Imagine diving multiple times a day and going to remote dive sites to explore the amazing underwater world. Here are some reasons why liveaboard diving is a great experience:

Maximize your time diving

beautiful marine life

With liveaboard diving, you can spend less time traveling and more time diving. When you book a trip with a dive center it usually involves traveling on land to the marina. Then followed by a boat ride to the dive site. If you book a two-day diving trip, then you’ll have to go back to your hotel after the first day of diving and return to the marina on the second day to take the boat again. Whereas, when you go on a liveaboard diving vacation, you can enjoy multiple dives without the need to go back to your hotel in between dive days. In this case, the ship will serve as your floating hotel because you can rest, dine, and sleep inside the ship. Imagine waking up to a glorious new day at the dive site. All you have to do is gear up and you’re all set for another exciting dive. 

No baggage hassles

It’s quite tiresome to transport your bags and dive equipment every day from your hotel to the dive site and vise versa during the duration of your diving excursion. But if you’re on a liveaboard, you can easily settle in the ship and forget about the hassle of the daily packing and unpacking. You can also save your energy carrying a heavy load. 

More diving opportunities

Most land-based dive operators offer limited dives per day, unlike liveaboard diving that features multiple dives per day plus night diving over a span of three to seven days. You can even make vessel charter arrangements if you want an extended trip. 

Downtime is not a problem

Spend your time in between your dives comfortably on the ship. You can enjoy a nice meal on board, chat at the lounge area with fellow divers, bask in the sunshine at the open deck, or take a nap in your air-conditioned cabin. There’s plenty of other things to do on the liveaboard ship during your surface intervals. 

Visit remote dive areas

A great advantage of liveaboards is the opportunity to visit dive locations that are not easily accessible by shore-based dive centers. For instance, diving in Tubbataha Reefs in Palawan is accessible through liveaboard Philippines. Discover Fleet Philippines can take you to this pristine location and other amazing Philippine dive sites where you can enjoy unique and superb marine life encounters. 

Feel closer to nature

Being on the water for multiple days is an opportunity to feel closer to nature. Waking up to a mesmerizing sunrise, smelling the fresh breeze, and hearing the sound of the waves are all welcome changes from the bustling city. It’s good to occasionally escape the boring sight of concrete buildings, the sound of honking cars, and not to mention air pollution. 

When you enter the water, the breathtaking view of the underwater world takes your breath away. As you explore the water, you get a chance to encounter rich marine life in different colors, shapes, and texture. 

Meeting people who share the same passion

meeting other divers

Last but not the least, spending time at sea with people who are as passionate about diving as you are is very rewarding. You can exchange stories about your memorable diving experiences, your favorite destinations, and other places in your bucket list. You can also tell others about your diving challenges and how you were able to overcome them. Conversations like this are great for camaraderie and can inspire you to plan for your next trip. The bonding continues during actual dives where you get to explore the beautiful world beneath the waves together. This is why meeting like-minded people during your liveaboard experience can lead to lasting friendships.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider going on a liveaboard vacation. Join us on our next liveaboard trip to experience these wonderful things first hand. 

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